TMJ treatment in Beaverton, Oregon

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is very common in our patients, whether they know it or not.

Sometimes it is obvious (popping, clicking, locking, pain in the jaw) and sometimes it looks like something else (headaches, ear pain, fullness in the ear, uneven bite). It is a complex joint and when things go wrong the results can be devastating. Trauma, grinding, clenching, chewing hard foods, and even poor posture have been implicated in TMD.

These factors can all contribute to the following problems:

Myofascial pain: The muscles that open and close the jaw can become tight, knotted up, weakened, and/or inflamed. This can cause pain in the muscle itself, referred pain to a different area of the head and face, and improper alignment of the jaw due to muscular imbalances

Disc problems: Like the discs between your vertebrae, there is also a disc in your temporomandibular joint. It rests between your jaw (mandible) and the part of your skull called the temporal bone and in healthy joints it moves as you open and close your mouth to protect the joint. On occasion, this disc can slip out of place, become torn, or get stuck where it shouldn’t.

Arthritis: The cartilage that protects the bony surfaces in the TMJ can wear down as a result of inflammation that is often painful and can cause the joint to malfunction.


How can chiropractic care help TMD?

After a thorough examination and appropriate diagnosis, a typical treatment plan can involve gentle chiropractic adjustments to the jaw and neck vertebrae, deep tissue massage to the muscles around the jaw and exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate those muscles.

Dr. Thompson provides lasting relief from TMJ pain in Beaverton, OR with gentle chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises. His approach to evaluation involves not just your jaw, but your complete medical history, spinal alignment, posture, and muscle testing to correctly diagnose your condition and provide the best treatment possible.

If you are looking for TMJ treatment in Beaverton, OR, our advice to you is to try conservative care first. Without the use of drugs, surgery, or expensive dental treatments, chiropractic care has proven to be a safe and effective first choice to treat this stubborn problem.

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