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Tennis elbow in Beaverton Oregon can be treated through the help of Catalyst Chiropractic. If you have pain or burning on the outside part of your elbow that gets worse when gripping, swinging, or twisting something with your hand, then you may have tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis.

The lateral epicondyle is the attachment point on your humerus for the tendons of the muscles that extend your wrist. When these tendons are overloaded they get inflamed, causing pain, burning, and weakness.

Despite the name, tennis elbow occurs more often in people who have repetitive job tasks, such as painters, plumbers, or carpenters.

Tennis elbow can cause a great deal of pain and even time off of work in some cases, but the good news is that studies show an 80-95% success rate with non-surgical treatment.

Through various techniques aimed at decreasing repetitive stress, eliminating inflammation, and stimulating the body’s own healing response, your current episode of tennis elbow can be thoroughly resolved. Once your acute pain is treated, rehabilitative exercises can help strengthen the affected muscles and tendons to prevent future episodes.

Beaverton chiropractor, Dr. Kip Thompson, specializes in non-surgical treatment of overuse injuries like tennis elbow. He utilizes the latest soft tissue treatments such as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), kinesio tape, and cold laser to decrease pain, inflammation, and reduce scar tissue formation. He will also employ chiropractic adjustments and a special joint mobilization method, called Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement technique, to quickly restore normal alignment to the elbow joint, relieving pain and allowing it to heal more quickly.

Lastly, functional rehabilitative exercises are used to re-establish proper range of motion and stability of the joint to prevent future recurrences of lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow in Beaverton OR may take you out of your game, but the good news is that it shouldn’t be for long. It often responds very well to drug-free, non-surgical treatment like chiropractic care.

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