I have suffered with chronic lower back and leg pain for over 10 years. I couldn’t work or participate in life the way I had before this pain consumed my life. After only a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Kip Thompson, and a couple of soft tissue massages from his massage therapist Jennie Cronin, I was relatively pain free. The severe lower back and leg pain is gone and I’m able to play golf again – without the pain medication.

Kris J.

I arrived at Catalyst chiropractic with pain in my arms and shoulders, numbness in fingers, back pain, and pain in both legs. It seems I had quite a few pinched nerves and bulging disks in my neck and back. I was not only in pain physically…this pain took a serious toll on me emotionally and spiritually. After my first appointment I was pain free! I am more than extremely grateful to Dr. Thompson for helping me. Finally a smile on my face.

Whitney W.

Catalyst not only taught me to come in and get fixed during times of pain, but also the exercises and stretches to keep it from coming back. They can help teach you this so you can live your life pain free. Thanks for fixing me up and keeping me away from surgery!

Nathan T.

I was sleepwalking through life due to constant neck pain that sapped every ounce of my energy. After starting my treatment plan I hardly feel any neck pain. Now I remember what it feels like to laugh, be happy, and have energy once again.

Marianne O.

My adjustments combined with the exercise therapy have made me feel 100% better. Chiropractic care and exercise therapy is the way to go.

Karen C.

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