I have suffered with chronic lower back and leg pain for over 10 years. I couldn’t work or participate in life the way I had before this pain consumed my life. After only a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Kip Thompson, and a couple of soft tissue massages from his massage therapist Jennie Cronin, I was relatively pain free. The severe lower back and leg pain is gone and I’m able to play golf again – without the pain medication.

Kris J. // Beaverton, OR

I arrived at Catalyst chiropractic with pain in my arms and shoulders, numbness in fingers, back pain, and pain in both legs. It seems I had quite a few pinched nerves and bulging disks in my neck and back. I was not only in pain physically…this pain took a serious toll on me emotionally and spiritually. After my first appointment I was pain free! I am more than extremely grateful to Dr. Thompson for helping me. Finally a smile on my face.

Whitney W. // Beaverton, OR

Catalyst not only taught me to come in and get fixed during times of pain, but also the exercises and stretches to keep it from coming back. They can help teach you this so you can live your life pain free. Thanks for fixing me up and keeping me away from surgery!

Nathan T. // Beaverton, OR

I was sleepwalking through life due to constant neck pain that sapped every ounce of my energy. After starting my treatment plan I hardly feel any neck pain. Now I remember what it feels like to laugh, be happy, and have energy once again.

Marianne O. // Beaverton, OR

My adjustments combined with the exercise therapy have made me feel 100% better. Chiropractic care and exercise therapy is the way to go.

Karen C. // Beaverton, OR

From the first interaction with this office, I was treated with fast polite service. The Doc is incredible. It is rare that a health care professional these days really takes the time to listen to you so attentively, really taking in the information you can provide to be an active participant in your recovery. The treatments were well explained and did exactly what I was told they would do. There was never any notion of needing more treatments than were required and at no time was I asked to sign up for some "plan". In fact, when I was recovered after only my second visit, the Doc told me we were done, but to update him if I had any continued issues. I was even emailed video exercises and a complete treatment plan including a breakdown of my diagnosis. Everything was amazing receiving treatment here. I will be back whenever the need arises, and will recommend Catalyst to anyone who can benefit form their services.

Brian L. // Beaverton, OR

I am so happy I went to see Dr, Kip.  With just a couple visits my back pain is improving.  I have learned stretching exercises to do on my own that are helping as well.  I wasn't prepared to accept that at my age things just hurt and Dr. Kip is helping me achieve my goal of being pain free.

Karen G. // Beaverton, OR

Dr. Thompson is very skilled at multiple types of treatments. I appreciate the communication and receiving emails with proper stretches and practice at home. It is easy to make appointments, the staff is friendly, and there is little wait time. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Heather M. // Beaverton, OR

I love the staff here and I come 1 time every couple months and they remember who I am every time plenty of parking the chiropractor is hands on and is gentle when needed and it has taken me a long time to find a new chiropractor that does not make me have a headache after my appointments I would recommend him to everyone I know.

Jamie N. // Beaverton, OR

Along with being friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, Dr. Thompson is a great chiropractor.  I first went to see him when I randomly tweaked my neck one day, and he was able to help get me back up and running within a few days.  Dr. Thompson has since become my most favorite chiropractor out of the previous ones I have visited.  He remembers little details about my family that I wouldn't expect anyone to remember, which is really quite nice. The receptionists who work there are very friendly and easy to talk to as well.  I would (and do) recommend this office to everyone.

Amy M. // Beaverton, OR

When I first walked into Catalyst  I found the receptionist warm and friendly and very helpful with Insurance. I was having a significant amount of pain in my shoulder and down my arm, however, after one month the pain is much better, I especially appreciate that Dr. Thompson is not recommending an unlimited number of visits but instead is moving me toward ending regular visits as soon as is appropriate.

I also appreciate that massage therapy is part of the practice, Jenny is integrating her work with my overall treatment plan.

I would highly recommended Catalyst Chiropractic.

Debbie W. // Beaverton, OR

Prior to seeing Dr. Kip Thompson, I had a severe lower back injury from heavy weightlifting, specifically deadlifts and was in pain for almost 2 weeks.  The pain was not getting any better even with me doing foam rolling, lots of stretching and mobility work.  I later searched for a highly credible chiropractic in the Beaverton area that's also covered under my insurance and thanks to the reviews online of Catalyst Chiropractic and Dr. Kip Thompson, I was able to locate someone who could help here.

After 3 visits, I feel almost 100% and that is coming from not being able to sleep on my back or even workout.  I am a very active person with weightlifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and it was killing me not being able to do my everyday things, but it's only been about a week and a half since my first appointment and I am feeling GREAT!  Aside from the great recovery results I am getting, I have learned a lot from the Dr. about preventative maintenance as well as more about my own body.  The office assistant was also very nice, helpful, and the scheduling for future appointments was not an issue at all.  Great environment and in a convenient location!

Thank you Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehabilitation!

I also appreciate that massage therapy is part of the practice, Jenny is integrating her work with my overall treatment plan.

I would highly recommended Catalyst Chiropractic.

Stephen D. // Beaverton, OR

Dr. Thompson runs a phenomenal practice down in Cedar Hills. He and his staff are very interpersonal and outgoing. Dr. Thompson himself is amazing chiropractor. I struggled with posture issues and back pain for years and he had me feeling better after my first visit. Before your first visit, Dr. Thompson takes the time to ask you questions about what kind of pain your suffering and were on your body your feeling it. After hearing your answers he develops a strategy with you for how he will counter the pain and help you recover. Through out all of it he answers any questions and concerns you have. He makes sure you are aware of what he will do. After the orientation he then moves forward with the plan and delivers on his promise.

Overall, a great experience for me. Not only did he help me recover from my back pain, but he also made sure that I felt comfortable while I was there.  His staff was friendly as well. I highly recommend going to Dr. Thompson for your back adjustments

RipCity 92 // Beaverton, OR

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