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We Offer home office ergonomics assessments remotely

Poor ergonomics can make your job harder and add strain to your life

Too many people are working from home in a makeshift office space that wasn’t designed ergonomically for the full time office worker. The “new normal” of pandemic life is stressful enough, you don’t need aches and pains to worry about on top of everything else.  

You need to fit your home workstation to your body to minimize wear and tear and allow you to focus on what’s most important. 

Catalyst Ergonomics will meet you where you're at (virtually) and provide you with a personalized action plan to fit your workstation to your body

virtual home office ergonomics assessment questionnaire

Step 1

Complete a brief questionnaire and send us 5 photos of you at your workspace from different angles

Personalized virtual ergonomics assessment report

Step 2

We'll send you a personalized report detailing the strengths of your current set up, how to improve it, and strategies you can use to reduce fatigue on your body throughout the workday.

Remote ergonomic assessment

Step 3

Schedule a time to meet virtually with our certified Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist to review your report and answer any questions you might have.

Why choose Catalyst Ergonomics?

  • Kip Thompson is a certified Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist – trained specifically to do computer workstation assessments remotely
  • Aside from being an ergonomics assessment specialist, Kip is also a practicing chiropractor, with over 10 years of experience treating folks just like you. A doctorate level healthcare degree in addition to specialized ergonomics training = expert advice that not just any HR rep can duplicate
  • You will not just get a list of measurements for how all your office furniture will be positioned, but actionable strategies to ease the burden of your work on your body and to keep you moving and mobile throughout your day. During your 1:1 virtual meeting we’ll go over stretches and exercises to target the specific areas where you feel most fatigued during your work day.
Dr. Kip Thompson | Beaverton OR chiropractor

Working from home shouldn't be harder on your body than working at the office

Start feeling better and working smarter now with a personalized remote ergonomics assessment