September 2013 Newsletter

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September 2013

Hopefully by now life is settling down for you after the back to school frenzy. September is always a busy time here in the clinic as everyone comes back to get re-adjusted after their summer adventures. If you haven’t been in recently for a check up, give us a call!
We are really excited about some new services we are offering and have started planning our Patient Appreciation Day in October. Read on for details.
Stay cool out there,
-Team Catalyst

Save the date for Patient Appreciation Day 10/17/13
We heart you

October is right around the corner (we can’t believe it either), and we are planning to have one heck of a party. October is National Chiropractic Health Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AND Dr. Thompson’s 2 year anniversary at Catalyst. What do all three of these things have in common? Nothing, but they give us a reason to celebrate, commemorate, and donate to a good cause all at the same time!
Drop by the clinic on Thursday October 17th from 4pm-7pm for food, prizes, chair massages, and a chance to win Blazers tickets! 

Now offering slow motion video gait analysis
This year, our Beaverton Chiropractor, Dr. Thompson, has been doing some post-graduate training on evaluating and treating runners. Part of this training included video gait analysis. In August we installed a new treadmill in the office and are now able to offer this service to our patients!
Since marathon season is here we are offering 50% off of our Personalized Runner/Walker Injury Analysis from now until October 31st. For just $25 (reg. $50) you will get:
  • 3 view video gait analysis with a copy emailed to you
  • A 7 part Functional Movement Screen to identify your mobility and stability limitations
  • personalized dynamic warm-up and corrective exercise routine designed for you by Dr. Thompson based on your video analysis and Functional Movement Screen results.
This offer is open to our patients and the general public. If you know a runner or walker who could use some tips, send them in!

Dr. T’s clinical pearl
Disc ProblemsHow many bends do you have left?   
I recently re-read an article by Professor Stuart McGill, one of the world’s foremost spine researchers. In this article, he says: “Realize that the spine discs only have so many numbers of bends before they damage.” In Professor McGill’s extensive biomechanical research, one of the conclusions he has come to is that the majority of low back pain is caused by injured vertebral discs and that these discs are injured by repetitive bending.What if we all knew how many times we could bend our backs before our discs were injured? I’m sure we would be very frugal with how we used our bends, and that instead of bending our backs so much, we would bend our legs more. Think about that next time you are planting flowers, picking a magazine up off a table, bending down to retrieve a dropped glove, or sweeping your baby up off of the floor (all are real life examples of how some of our patients have injured their discs).For illustrations of how to do some of these things safely, see my last blog post here.

Get out, get active (and be careful)!
-Dr. Thompson