Research update – Chiropractic treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis gains traction

Spinal stenosis can be relieved with flexion-distraction chiropractic treatment


As a follow up to our previous article on the benefit of chiropractic care for lumbar spinal stenosis, this article highlights a specific technique called flexion-distraction manipulation. In this technique, a special treatment table is used that is designed to distract, or gently separate, the joints of the spine. When used, it feels like a gentle stretching or lengthening of the spine, which has been shown to decrease the pressure inside the intervertebral discs, relieve stress on other vertebral joints called facets joints, and reduce pressure on pinched nerves in the lower back. It is a gentle treatment that uses less force and more gradual pressure than the typical chiropractic adjustment and is tolerated quite well by most patients. At this time, Catalyst Chiropractic is not offering this specific treatment, but contact us for a local recommendation if you are interested in flexion-distraction therapy for your spinal stenosis treatment.