My spinal hygiene

In case you wonder what a chiropractor does to keep his spine healthy, here are a few habits I’ve adopted to stay out of the chiropractor’s office 😉

  1. Avoid early morning spinal flexion: As you sleep, the discs between your vertebrae become saturated with water. This causes your spine to become slightly unstable first thing in the morning. That’s why I avoid much bending for the first 30 minutes after I wake up.
  2. I move my car seat up: I realized a while back that looking cool while I drive is not worth the neck pain that slouching causes me. Moving my seat closer to the steering wheel helps me sit up straight.
  3. Good form: I use the same form when bending and lifting, whether I’m doing deadlifts at the gym or taking out the trash at home.
  4. Keep it at eye level: To keep from running into things while I walk and to ease tension in my neck, I bring my phone and tablet up to eye level when texting or playing Flappy Bird.
  5. Laptop? More like Tabletop: Whoever named it a laptop should be punished. DON’T PUT YOUR COMPUTER ON YOUR LAP!! When working at home, I sit at the table with my computer instead of the couch.
  6. Take a load off: I’m not perfect. I get back pain just like you. When my back is sore at the end of the day, I’ll use the 90/90 position to relax and relieve pressure on my lower back.
  7. Get adjusted! I get adjusted at least once per month to maintain the health of my spine and avoid major pain.