What to expect on the first visit


Today’s question is, what happens on my first chiropractic visit at Catalyst? This is a good question because our first visit is a bit different than the rest, and takes a little bit longer.

As a chiropractor in Oregon, I am licensed as a portal of entry physician. This allows me to be able to perform my own examination, develop the proper diagnosis for your condition, and determine what the proper course of care is going to be for that condition. On your first chiropractic visit, we will have you fill out some paper work to answer some questions about your past health history, and about your current problem. Then, I will sit down with you and ask you a few more questions about those things.

At that point, we will go into our examination. This will entail taking some vitals, checking your range of motion, will do some orthopedic and neurological testing to find out what tissues might be damaged, and of course, we will do a chiropractic exam. This will involve checking for proper alignment and motion of your spine, and any extremities that might be involved.

From there, we may move into doing some x-rays. We have an x-ray suite on site, so if x-rays are necessary, we can do them right here which is convenient, because you don’t need a separate appointment at a separate facility. By doing a detailed exam on your first chiropractic visit here, we can determine what the proper course of treatment is going to be and if it is safe we can go ahead and do your first visit right there on the date of your examination.

Afterwards, we will schedule you for a follow up visit, which will be more brief, where I will sit down with you and talk about what we found on the first day. Basically what’s wrong, how we’re going to fix it, and how long that might take to fix it. Contact us to setup your first chiropractic visit at Catalyst and we’d be happy to help you get on the path to feeling better. Thank you.