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October 2014
Dear Kip,
October is a month of many health observances. Among those is Chiropractic Health Month. We recognize that it may not be the most urgent of causes for which to raise awareness, but we believe it is a worthy cause.
The theme for this year’s chiropractic health month is “Conservative Care First,” or put another way, chiropractic first, then medicine, then surgery. It sounds bold, but for back and neck pain and other orthopedic conditions, it makes a world of sense in economical, safety, and public health terms. Read along with us as we illustrate some examples of why chiropractic is a great first choice for your healthcare needs.
In sickness and in health,
Team Catalyst

Chiropractic care reduces surgery rates
A recent study of injured workers in Washington state led to the following findings of dramatically fewer surgeries performed when the first point of contact after the injury was with a chiropractor:

Chiropractic care vs surgery for sciatica
If you have suffered from sciatica, you know it can be debilitating. Sometimes it seems as though the only option is to operate on the herniated disc that is pinching the sciatic nerve. In August we highlighted some research on our blog that shows that chiropractic care can be just as effective as surgery to relieve sciatic pain.

A safe and effective alternative to drugs
The first approach for many people when back pain hits is to take a pain pill. Even over the counter drugs have potentially serious side effects such as liver toxicity, ulcers, and cardiovascular complications. Chiropractic care has been shown to be at least as effective as pain medications in multiple studies…and it is natural. If you know someone who is masking their pain with medications, tell them there is a better option that can get to the cause of their pain and not just mask it.

Ask Dr. T: “My doctor told me not to go to a chiropractor. What should I do?”

In this day and age as both traditional medicine and chiropractic care become more progressive, this luckily does not happen often. When it does, I believe it is typically because of two general misconceptions:
1.) Medical doctors are uneducated about the training that chiropractic physicians receive. There certainly are individuals who should not undergo chiropractic care, and chiropractic physicians are well qualified to determine who those individuals are and to make the proper referral to another healthcare provider when needed.
2.) They think we forcibly “crack” every patient. I once had a 70 year old patient come in with multiple herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and pain and tingling in both arms and legs. Against the warnings of her neurologist, this patient consulted with me for treatment. Certainly she had conditions that could have been made worse with forceful adjustments. Luckily, that isn’t all we do as chiropractors. By use of gentle, non-forceful techniques we were able gain more mobility in the spine and relieve pressure on the nerves, which relieved her arm and leg pain almost completely!
Remember, you are going to be with your body for the rest of your life. Before taking the risks of medication or surgery, try conservative chiropractic care first.