The safety of chiropractic treatment

In the clinic I often find myself addressing the question of the safety of chiropractic adjustments. A common concern from some of our new patients is that they are hesitant to have their spine “cracked.” While I cringe whenever someone calls it that, it is a valid concern. Chiropractic treatment typically involves the chiropractor applying force into joints of the spine and/or extremities to correct malpositions and to help them move better. Due to the force used, there is some inherent potential risk involved. The potential for serious complications, however, is very low. When you compare chiropractic care to other interventions, even over the counter pain medications, the potential benefit typically far outweighs the risks. That being said, every patient is unique and some may have a greater risk of complications from being adjusted than others. For that reason, chiropractors are trained as primary care providers and are able to identify certain risk factors by doing a thorough examination before applying any treatment. If you are considering chiropractic treatment in Beaverton, OR, see Dr. Thompson’s video below about the safety of chiropractic adjustments. Contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to set up a consultation with Dr. Thompson.

Forward Head Posture

Welcome to Spine Hacks. Today we are talking about forward head carriage.  Forward head carriage can wreak havoc on you head and upper back, causing a lot of pain and stress on the joints and can contribute to a lot of headaches. The video above demonstrates why this can happen, using a kettle bell for illustration.

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