Life is a sport, so move like it!

If you have ever worked out at the gym, you know that correct technique and form is crucial. If you don’t watch your form while you are doing a back squat with hundreds of pounds on your back, something is gonna give out. If you have not lifted weights before, keep reading anyway because the same bad form that can throw your back out during a heavy squat can send you to the floor while reaching down to pick a flower. This is the message I try to get all of my patients to understand. You may think you have never done a dead lift or a back squat, but these are movements we do every day. So next time you pull up a chair to sit down, or bend over the sink to wash your hands, ask yourself what your form looks like.

At the gym:                                                        At home:

Correct Technique & Form         Proper Workout Form








At the gym:                                                              At home:

Dead Lift Form                                          










How are you going to get this out?                               Like this!




July 2013 Newsletter

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Get Out, Get Active, and WIN in July!
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July 2013

July is National Fitness Month and we are making fitness our theme in July. In case you couldn’t tell, we make fitness a top priority at Catalyst. From the exercises we use to rehabilitate our patients to the way we dress and even the pictures on our walls, we try to instill in our patients a desire to get active and stay active. Read on to learn how we are doing that this month through our facebook giveaway and the first annual Beaverton Rotary Sun Run on July 28th. Stay healthy out there and enjoy the summer!

Win a Fitbit Flex! (a $99.95 value)
Fitbit Flex
We recently discovered a FANTASTIC little tool to help you set fitness goals and stay motivated. It is a wristband called the Fitbit Flex. See the website here for more details:


For your chance to win, follow the link below to the contest tab on our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked our page yet, you’ll be asked to do so before you can enter the contest. If you have liked our page, we just ask that you share the contest with your friends to give them a chance to win as well. We’ll draw the winner on August 1st. Good luck!

Join us at the 1st Annual Beaverton Sun Run 5/10k
Beaverton Sun Run

The Beaverton Rotary Club is holding the Beaverton Sun Run right here in the parking lot in front of Catalyst on 7/28/13. Since July is our fitness month and they are raising money for a great cause, we decided to become a race sponsor. We will be right there at the Start/Finish with some body work for sore runners and games and prizes for all.
Proceeds from the race will be donated to the Champions, Too sports field, a multi-use sports facility specially designed for those with physical and developmental disabilities.
Read on for more details about the race and the cause. We hope to see you there!